Las Vegas Domestic Violence Penalties – You Must Know

Domestic Violence Penalties

Penalties for domestic violence convictions throughout Nevada are rigorous.  Indeed, domestic violence penalties in Las Vegas are based on a minimum-maximum sliding system.  Penalties also become harsher depending upon the nature of your domestic violence case.  Thus, hiring the right Las Vegas Domestic Violence Lawyer is crucial.

Domestic violence punishments for a “first offense” conviction are not as harsh as the punishments you will face for a second or third offense conviction.  Furthermore, domestic violence punishments become more serious if your crime involved a weapon, strangulation, substantial harm or obviously death.  Following are penalties for first, second and third domestic violence offense convictions in Nevada:

  • Misdemeanor – Domestic Violence (first offense)

If you are convicted of domestic violence for the first time, you must serve a minimum of two days in jail.  The maximum jail term is six months.  You must pay a fine in an amount from $200 to $1,000 for a first offense. Furthermore, you will be ordered to complete 48 to 120 hours of community service and to attend six months to one year of domestic violence counseling.

  • Misdemeanor – Domestic Violence (second offense within 7 years of first)

A second conviction for domestic violence within 7 years of the first is still a misdemeanor.  However, the minimum sentence terms become harsher.  With a second offense, the minimum jail term increases from two days to ten days (the maximum term remains six months).  Also, the minimum fine increases from $200 to $500 (the maximum fine remains at $1000).  The minimum community service hours increase from 100 hours and the maximum increase to 200 hours.  Additionally, you will have to complete 12 months of domestic violence counseling.

  • Felony – Domestic Violence (third offense within 7 years of first and second)

A third offense for domestic violence within 7 years is a felony, punishable by a prison sentence of 1 to 5 years. The offense is not probationable which means the prison sentence is mandatory.  Additionally, a third-time offender also faces a fine up to $10,000.00.

In addition to the foregoing, the Court can also order you to stay away from the victim until the case has been closed.  If you are not a US citizen, you can be deported for a domestic violence conviction.  You will also forfeit your right to own a firearm if you are convicted of domestic violence.  Finally, domestic violence convictions can have a negative effect on child custody issues.  It is therefore imperative for you to take your domestic violence charge seriously and contact the Domestic Violence Lawyers of Las Vegas for a free and confidential consultation. The experienced attorneys at the Domestic Violence Lawyers of Las Vegas will provide you with an aggressive and focused defense.  We have been very successful in securing our client’s reductions and even dismissals of their domestic violence charges.